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Win a Space Flight from KLM Competition – KLM.com/space

klm space competition Win a Space Flight from KLM Competition   KLM.com/space

KLM is organizing this Space Competition on KLM.com/space and is giving away the chance to win a trip out of this world… a ticket to space!

Prize details

The winner wins : a ticket to space aboard the SXC Lynx worth $ 95,000. KLM will fly the winner and a companion from anywhere in the world to Curacao and put them up in a hotel , to be chosen by KLM . The winner only and not the companion will take the SXC flight into space. After a medical check – up, the SXC Lynx will take the winner 64 miles / 103 km up to space at 4 G’s of thrust.

How to enter KLM Space Competition

KLM invites people around the world to claim their place in space. This means guessing where a high altitude balloon that will be released on the 22nd of April from the Nevada Desert will pop – at its highest point , also known as “peak altitude” . Participants can claim a point in space on the campaign website . When the balloon is released, its progress can be followed online from the same web site (klm.com/space) via GPS . The person whose place is closest to where the balloon pops, wins a ticket aboard the SXC Lynx – a flight into space. Email addresses and other personal details collected for this promotion will only be used for the purpose of this promotion and will never be shared with third parties. Unless the participant has granted permission to receive further information on KLM not related to the campaign.

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